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What We Offer

Get ready for a 60 minute, calorie burning heart racing and muscle pumping workout! All of our classes contain elements of aerobic, flexibility and strength training to burn fat, strengthen your muscles and get you feeling amazing!

Our ascension/levels based programming takes each student on a unique journey through progressive “levels,” of classes. With this program, members ascend or progress to the next level at their own pace by demonstrating skill acquisition and competence during “test out,” days.

Private Classes/ One on One Training

  • Private Class: A one on one session with one of our instructors. All attention is on you and your needs and goals as a student. Be prepared to move quicker through skills and strength achievements due to this individualized attention. Call the studio or book online to set up private lessons/inquire for other times.


  • Monday 10AM, 11AM

  • Wednesday 10AM, 11AM

  • Saturday 11AM, 12PM

Pole Classes

  • Pole Fundamentals (Level 1:) It’s time to take fitness to a whole new level. Lay down a strong foundation of graceful spins, dance moves, mini routines, and floor work as well as basic conditioning and stretching techniques. This fundamentals class is open to beginners. NO DANCE EXPIERIENCE NEEDED.

    • Monday 7PM

    • Tuesday 10AM

    • Friday 6PM


  • Pole Fundamentals (Level 2:) We knew you'd get hooked on pole fitness! This class will take you to a whole new level with new moves. In this class, you will learn more complex and combined spins, as well as exploring inversions, tricks and holds. We will combine flow and power in this hour!

    We will also dedicate time in this class to work on what we've been trying to master as individuals on our pole fitness journeys.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Pole Fundamentals Level 1. 

  • Tuesday 4PM

  • Wednesday 5PM


  • Pole Fundamentals (Level 3:) In this class we focus on gaining proficiency in: lifting and not kicking into inverts, shoulder mounts, hip holds, learning how to hold all of these positions w/out hands, etc. We will also practice spins, inversions, dancing, climbing, headstands, and handstands. This class is constantly changing. Shoes are welcome but not mandatory.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Pole Fundamentals 1&2. 

  • Tuesday 4PM

  • Wednesday 5PM

  • Pole Fundamentals (Level 4:) This skills series is open to all students who have completed Levels 1-3 of the Pole Fundamentals. The most challenging of all levels, this class will continue to develop strength, flexibility and stamina for students entering the realm of aerial combinations.

    Prerequisite: Students must have completed Pole Fundamentals 1-3.

    • Tuesday 4PM

    • Wednesday 5PM

    This class will cover ONLY pole choreography—so if dance if your thing, this is your class! Learn how to move from one trick into the next with grace and ease. Also, how to structure pole routines that are seamless. Beginners are welcome to this class, and modifications will be given if needed. Prerequisite: All levels welcome.

    • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (see open availability for private lessons.)

  • Brass Bombshells: Want to try pole with heels? Want to add some spice to your pole flow, or just some extra weight to your pole regime? This class is for you! Each week will focus on flow, transitions, and musicality while building confidence moving in heels.

Heels with at least a 1" platform are recommended.

  • Monday 5PM

  • Thursday 5PM


Non- Pole Classes


  • Beginner Aerial Silks: This introductory-level silks class is for students who are brand new or still getting comfortable on the silks. Instruction includes the fundamentals of aerial silks, encouraging proper form and technique while learning to execute basic moves close to the ground. The goal at this level is to build core and upper body strength, while achieving body awareness and confidence in the air.

    • Monday 6PM

    • Tuesday 11AM, 5PM

    • Thursday 6PM

  • Intermediate Aerial Silks: This class is designed to help students develop greater spatial awareness and increase their ability to work above spotting height. Students must be able to tie double foot knots evenly, perform a proper ball inversion, and hold a 10 second bent arm hang.

    • Wednesday 6PM

  • Junior Silks Classes: Open to ages 7+, junior classes are designed to introduce kids to aerial arts. Children will get stronger and more flexible while building self-confidence by doing things they never thought possible. This class will provide your child with an outlet for physical creativity in a unique and fun environment. Combining movements from dance, gymnastics and acrobatics, the junior silks classes help to develop locomotion and balance skills.

    • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (see open availability for private lessons.)

  •  Belly Dance: Learn muscle control and fluidity while toning the core, encouraging good posture, improving flexibility, and gaining body confidence. In this class you will learn the basic movements and isolations as well as the posture and styling of bellydance. Have fun and discover muscles you never knew you had!  No previous dance experience necessary. 

    • Tuesdays 6PM 


  • Flexibility and Conditioning: Tired of wanting to get your splits and feeling like you're getting nowhere? Do you already know your splits and want to take them to the next level!? This class is specifically designed to use fundamental stretches and techniques that will help you to achieve your flexibility goals. Execute the stretches you learn at home for even faster results!

    • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY CURRENTLY (see open availability for private lessons.)


  • Open Gym: Practice time for current students and members. There will be no teaching during this time.

    • Every weekday from 1-2PM


Please note:

To hold a 7PM class, a minimum of 2 students registered at least 12 hours before class start time is required. Anything below minimum will result in class cancellation.

If you wish to book a rental, please see the STUDIO RENTAL page first. 

If you have moved up to a higher level silks or pole class, please only attend the classes marked for your level so as to accommodate other students, or an open gym time which is open to all skill levels. 

Don't see a time that fits your schedule? Or want to take a class but we don’t currently have it on our schedule? Call 270.557.7938 and inquire about private lessons!