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What do I wear to classes?

  • We recommend that you wear comfortable fitness attire. Shorts, sports bra, and yoga pants are recommended. As you advance in our curriculum, skin contact with the pole will be an important factor. Please do NOT apply lotion on hands or body before pole classes as it will interfere with your ability to grip the pole. All Verticality Pole and Aerial Fitness classes are conducted barefoot or with heels (student's preference,) for pole classes. The other classes are conducted barefoot.

I have never do this before. Will I be able to do this?

  • If this is your first time coming to a pole or aerials class, you may be feeling a bit nervous. You are not alone! Many brand new students feel intimidated and self-conscious the first time they set foot in the studio. It is important to keep in mind that skill and confidence are things you will learn in class and that almost no one starts out with them! Many Verticality classes are divided by level to ensure the safety and comfort of our students.

    Verticality Pole and Aerial Fitness is not a competitive pole studio; we are an alternative fitness facility that caters to everyday women looking for fun and exciting ways to get fit. For this reason you will always feel comfortable and welcomed. Our instructors are trained to guide and advance you safely through your fitness experience.

How do I choose a class?

  • Verticality offers so many different classes, it can be hard to know where to begin! For brand new students we often recommend taking advantage of our unlimited class special so that you can get a better idea of which formats suit your personal tastes and physical needs. Try a few different types to find the ones that challenge and inspire you the most!

    As with any form of fitness, we recommend that students try to commit to one or two classes for a minimum of 8 weeks in order to really see results. We also encourage supplementing skills classes with the occasional conditioning or stretching class to better round out their fitness training.

Is there a weight limit for your classes?

  • For silks it is 250 pounds. For pole, it is 375 pounds.

How strong do I need to be to begin taking classes?

  • The quick answer–you don’t NEED any amount of upper body strength to begin training aerials or pole–that said the stronger you are, the easier it will be for you to progress quickly. Most instructors assume that new students coming in have never taken pole or aerial classes in their life, and are not used to lifting/pushing/pulling their own body weight. We follow a strict curriculum and will start you off with basic moves and conditioning exercises before making you support your own body weight.

How long will it be before I learn advanced tricks?

  • Everyone's journey in aerials/pole are different, so we don't have an answer for that question. How quickly you progress is up to you. We have a progressive curriculum and students need to formally test out of each skill level before moving on to the next more advanced level. Pole levels go from beginner (level 1) to level 5 (advanced) and aerials has beginner/intermediate and advanced levels.

    The most important consideration here is the safety of our students as each level completed provides the foundation for more difficult moves in the next level; we need to be 100% confident that you are safe to move up before we will let you. Please be aware that it is totally normal for students to remain in a level for more than one session. If you do not move up at the end of a session please don't be disheartened--the worst thing we could do is put you into a level we know you won't feel confident in and where you won't achieve your goals!

How do I join?

  • Joining the Verticality Pole and Aerial Fitness family is simple and easy. For your convenience, we offer multiple ways to sign up and two tiers of memberships!




  • All new students must fill out student paperwork prior to participating in a class or party. Class fees must be paid prior to participating in class unless otherwise agreed upon. All students signed up for the courses/classes MUST participate in the class, no spectators.


  • For us to maintain the safest and most beneficial classes we can, we ask that you please join us no more than 5 minutes after your class time begins. If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, we reserve the right to have you warm ­up on your own. No student is allowed to participate in class without a proper warm­ up. You should be dressed and ready to start your session at the scheduled time. We suggest that you arrive to the studio at least 10 minutes before your scheduled class so that you may dress out and settle onto the floor. We ask that you respect both our instructors and other students by showing up on time.


  • In order for us to have full, but not too full classes, we ask that you please cancel your place in class if you will not be able to make it. You may cancel your class reservation up to an hour before class starts, after this time it is considered a no-show.

  • For members, there is a $5 no-show fee. This will automatically charge to the primary card on file. Class Pass members will have the class deducted from their Class Pass card.

  • In case of a true emergency, please call 270-557-7938 to be removed from the schedule prior to the start of class.


  • To hold a 7PM class, a minimum of 2 students registered at least 12 hours before class start time is required.

  • Class maximums vary depending on the type and level of class. Beginner classes are almost always close to the maximum capacity.


  • Memberships start on the first day a member signs their contract, and continues through those next four weeks. For example, if a member signs up on January 1st, their contract would be billed on the 1st each month.

  • There are two tiers of memberships: basic and unlimited. Basic includes 2 classes per week plus open gym time and discounts. Unlimited includes access to all classes any time and discounts. We do not guarantee members will be able to sign up for every class they want, as we do have limited space.

  • Membership terms are consecutive. You cannot pause a membership and start again at another time. Exceptions can be made only if discussed and confirmed in writing for special cases.


  • You may temporarily suspend your membership once per contractual year for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 3 consecutive months for a fee of $15 per month. Your membership picks up where you left off in your contract timeline when you unfreeze. Please contact the studio to initiate a general freeze.

  • With a signed doctor’s note, we will freeze your membership with no charge.The doctor’s note MUST be on the physician’s letterhead with a clearly stated reason and a date to return to exercise, and have a signature. Your membership picks up where you left off in your contract timeline when you .

  • Please contact the studio to initiate a medical freeze.



  • Classes and memberships are non-refundable and non transferable. Class vouchers are valid for 90 days. If you purchase a gift certificate, make sure you receive confirmation of the expiration date. We will not extend the expiration date. We do not issue refunds for workshops, other events nor party deposits.

  • If you are a non-member who can not attend a class you have already paid for, please give at least 24 hours notice to receive a class credit.


  • Practice hours are meant for practicing moves you already know. Do not attempt new moves during practice unless given explicit permission and instruction for that particular move by the instructor present. Due to liability reasons, only Verticality instructors may teach at the studio. You can not teach your friend during practice. You may, however, review what you learned in class with other students. Remember that an instructor is always there if you need spotting and there are also mats available for your safety.


  • If you are under the age of 18, we require parental consent. Your parent needs to come to the studio with you, so they can sign the release form with a copy of their ID.


  • Private/semi-private class requests made within 24 hours of session time may not be able to be accommodated. We recommend requesting appointments as early in advance as possible.


  • Taking pictures and filming, is not allowed during our classes. Please respect other students' privacy. If you want to take pictures or film yourself, you are welcome to do so during the following times: After your class, before next class starts or during a designated "photo or video," time indicated by your instructor.