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Studio Rental Policies

Booking with us? Read this first.


  • To book a party there is no minimum. You can book a party as early as (3) months in advance. To secure your party date you must place a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $75. The remaining balance for your rental and final head count will be due five days before your event.

Please note that only paying guests who are participating are allowed to attend your event; there are NO SPECTATORS. Large groups of 15 or more please call for additional information on event planning services. Please note that last minute party bookings from 1 week prior to date of event must pay for their party in full including additional guest and any other amenities. Once we have received your deposit/payment in full, your booking has been completely secured.


  • We ask that you and all your guests arrive to our studio at least 15 minutes prior to your party's start time to complete mandatory new student forms. You will not be granted any additional time your party will end at its regular scheduled end time. Once your party has started if you choose to leave early, you may do so at your own leisure. We ask all guests who attend a party to show consideration to other guests whose party may be before or after your party by arriving and leaving in a timely manner.



  • Feel free to bring in decorations, music playlists, and safe props to add flair and fun to your party. We allow 10 minutes prior to your pole party start time for you to set up decorations and/or refreshments for your guests. Or, if you would like for us to set up your decorations, it is an additional $40 charge. Food, drinks and other refreshments are allowed. We provide one standard rectangular table for set up.

We will try our best to accommodate instructor requests if you have one. Give us the scoop on the personality of your attendees and we will customize the party for you!.



  • For liability and legal purposes, we do not allow alcohol to be consumed during or prior to our parties.  Please refrain from alcohol consumption before your party.  If we suspect a guest is under the influence of alcohol, we will ask that the guest be removed from the premises.



  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Studio rental bookings can be rescheduled one time free of charge 2 weeks prior to scheduled event date. Any changes thereafter will incur a $15 rescheduling fee.



  • Guests should wear fitness attire. Heels are optional. Heels should have an ankle strap. Backless heels are not recommended. 


  •  If any damages are caused to the premises of Verticality by you or any of your guests you will be held accountable and charged accordingly with proper invoice(s). All payments are due within 10 days prior to receipt of invoice.